I am a father, husband, son… and a Real Financial Planner. I created Black Swan to help people make well informed, wise life decisions with their money.  Because, it is not just about the numbers – it’s about your whole life; your happiness, meaning, and purpose.

My holistic planning process is designed very carefully. It is, the way I would want my wife to have access to real financial planning and honest advice… especially, if I wasn’t here anymore.  

I partner with my clients to help them create their ideal life plan.  Together, we get organized, get clarity, gain confidence.  I won’t judge you for the past,  we all get busy and sometimes life just happens.  When life gets complicated, you need a partner that wants the best for you.  I want a meaningful, secure, happy and free future for you, and your family.  If we are a good fit, I will work hard to see that happen. 

My mission is to change lives through Real Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance Coaching.  

I put a lot of extra effort into comprehensive, College Financial Planning.  It is my specialty.  How to save on college, not just for it. Not just college savings, but proper college funding and spending strategies. How to handle late stage college funding with the College Pre-Approval  Process.  How to pay for student loans after you have graduated. 

I believe that empowering families is the best way to see positive change in our communities, our nation.  I believe that the best way to do that is to focus on:

  1. Ending the Student Loan Crisis, One Family at a Time.

  2. Educating & Empowering Sandwich Generation Families 

  3. Comprehensive Financial Planning & Wealth Management for a Working Mother’s Family

I know it sounds a little overwhelming. Look, I don’t know everything about money either! No one does. I have over a dozen advisors, planners, and subject matter experts that I look to for advice, education, and collaboration! But together, we can find the best path for you to get to your ideal outcome.

You are busy with your blessed life… let me do some of the work and worry for you.

We love water. Even, though we have a small lake on our back door, we usually end up near (or in) the water.

Above: Warren is showing G-ma how big of a splash he make with a rock.

Left: My wife Angela loves lighthouses, the color blue,  and dolphins (not pictured, this is Lake Superior! 🙂 )

Below: A shot off of my front porch that I got while having morning coffee.