Summary of the New Code and Standards: Get a summary of a CFP® professional’s duties under the new Code and Standards.

The Levels of Rules and Requirements: Get an overview of the levels of rules and requirements for CFP® professionals under the new Code and Standards.

The Fiduciary Obligation: Learn about the expanded fiduciary obligation at the core of the new Code and Standards, which requires CFP® professionals to act in the best interest of the client.

Financial Advice: See how financial advice is defined under the new Code and Standards.
Duty of Loyalty: Explore the importance of Duty of Loyalty under the new Code and Standards.

What Is Financial Planning?: Review the definition of financial planning and get up-to-speed on the 3 circumstances where a CFP® professional is required to provide financial planning advice.

Integration Factors: Find out the 5 factors to consider when a CFP® professional who is providing financial advice must also provide financial planning.