We listen and learn from many types of subject matter experts and advisors to make sure we “get it right”.  The most important expert we consult is you.  You are the expert on your life, and the best judge on whether that advice fits your life.  So everything we work on for you… is through the lens of your values, intentions, goals, and your life.  We really want to understand your lifestyle, situation, wants, and needs.  Together, we organize and untangle the threads of your financial life.  So that you can have more peace about your situation, and we can understand enough to help you get where you want to go.

Then, when it is appropriate, we will consult your advisors, and various subject matter experts on your behave.  So that we can make sure you are: getting aligned service and advice, getting all you pay for, and aware of the opportunities and optimizations that are possible for your situation.  That makes all the strings and threads of your financial lifeline stronger than they could have been alone. 

We believe that true collaboration is the best path to excellence.  It is looking for the optimized outcome to get to a true win-win-win. 

True collaboration: “the synergistic relationship formed when two or more entities working together produce something much greater than the sum of their individual abilities and contributions.”  It results in the creation of something that did not exist before.  The focus is on results for the client and not just the process.  It can be thought of as guided, good faith, cooperation where all parties win. 

“It’s Collaboration, not competition that drives growth and growth.” Dan Sullivan

In this video Dan Sullivan, co-founder and president of Strategic Coach, chats with his recording engineer of 24 years, Willard Bond, on the subject of collaboration.  Hear them discuss the great collaborations in music, the importance of collaboration for entrepreneurs, and how magic is created when people with unique skills come together.