We work for you & your family.
Coaching, counseling, and consulting… in retainer style relationship. We want to be partners in your journey towards living an even better life.

Our clients are smart, capable parents… busy & blessed.  They simply do not have the time to learn (and keep up on) everything they need to know about finances – and still focus on the people they love.  Some are single, some are married: but they all want to help their kids get through college, without massive debt.  So, that is where we usually start.

Saving for college is great if you had the opportunity, but not everyone was able to.  We start wherever you are now.  College Funding includes advice on how to save for college, but also how to save on the cost of college.  We find the optimum way of funding college to help you reduce stress and uncertainty.

Using the College Pre-Approval™  process, we help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to: maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a comfortable retirement – at the same time.

The next concern is usually for a major transition in life, most often retirement.  It is important, but we also want to plan for Long Term Care cost, and caring for elderly parents.  We help you define your Values, Dreams, and Goals – and we help you watch out for the pitfalls that can derail those goals.  Together, we “get your life together” financially… so we can see the whole picture. Then we start the process of financial planning, financial doing, and financial navigating.  Plan, Provide, Protect, Prosper. 

The process of planning is much like piloting a ship.  Having a navigator that won’t let you forget anything, brings a lot of peace and clarity to you, the captain.  We show you the course corrections so that you can steer clear of rocky shores, storms, and other hazards.

Cash Flow Planning: Sophisticated Savings & Spending Strategies
Debt & Student Loan Management
Credit Counseling

“A Cash Flow Plan is simply telling your money what to do instead of wondering where it went.” John Maxwell
We help you save better, spend wiser, and fix those common issues with credit. 

Risk Management is simply the process the minimizing the total risk in your financial life. 
Sometimes you can avoid a risk, like not eating that gas station sushi. Sometimes you can reduce a risk, like wearing a helmet.
Sometimes you can transfer a risk, letting a firefighter fight a fire.
Sometimes you can accept a risk, like swimming in the ocean.

We transfer the big risk that we cannot easily handle, that is insurance.  We reduce the risk we can, like installing fire sprinklers.  
What is important to understand is how much of a threat each risk really is to you.  Then we can work on finding the optimum path.

We start off with an Ethical Will.  It is a legacy tool that does three things.
1. It helps us get clear on your values, so that we can make sure decisions and suggestions fits your values. 
2. It acts as a cover page for the rest of your estate documents: so that executors know why you wanted things that way. 
3. It helps you pass down your values and cultural legacy to the next generation explicitly.

We are not attorneys or CPAs.  We don’t do all the work for you.  We help other advisors plan for exactly what fits you and your life.  We make sure all the important work gets done, and is implemented right.  

Often clients want us to manage investments for them.  Some want to manage them personally.  We are certainly fine with either, and will sometimes recommend both.  Whatever you choose, we want you to have a coordinated and aligned portfolio that is working together for you.

Whether we are acting as a investment coach, counselor, consultant, or as a investment manager we want you to understand your money.  How and why your money needs to be managed that way – in ways that align with your possible life events, values, and future goals.  Money is very sharp, double edge tool… it can help you make your life more meaningful or more maddening.

We put together the whole picture for you, and help you optimist your ideal financial life.  You are busy with your blessed life… let us do some of the work and worry for you.

Holistic Financial Planning Retainer Packages

Level of complexity and Initial Planning Fee.Financial
$250 Initial
Planning Fee
$500 Initial
Planning Fee
$750 Initial
Planning Fee
$1,000 Initial
Planning Fee
$1,000 Initial
Planning Fee
Annual Retainer Flat Fee$3,000 depending on service needs.$5,000 depending on service needs.$7,000 depending on service needs.$9,000 depending on service needs.$12,000 depending on service needs.
Paid in monthly payments.

$250 /month $417/ month $583/month $750/month $1000/month
Services Included:
Included Investment AUA (Assets Under Advisement) Oversight Amount $500,000 $1,000,000$2,000,000$3,000,000$5,000,000
Fee-Only, Fiduciary RelationshipXXXXX
Female Focused Finance XXXXX
Life Planning: Values, Goals, & Purpose Design XXXXX
Cash Flow Planning & Emergency Funding CoachingXXXXX
Student Loan & Debt ManagementXXXXX
Net Worth and Portfolio ReviewXXXXX
Employee Benefits OptimizationXXXXX
Credit Score Counseling
Foundational Risk & Insurance PlanningXXXXX
College Savings PlanXXXXX
College Pre-Approval and PlanningXXXX
Retirement & Savings PlanningXXXX
Merging Finances / Starting a FamilyXXXX
Giving & Charity CoachingXXXX
Career Development MappingXXXX
Home Ownership & Mortgage GuidanceXXXX
Family Focused FinanceXXX
Insurance Review:
Health Care
Long Term Care
XX (Comprehensive)X (Comprehensive)
Legacy and Estate
X (Foundational)X (Comprehensive)X (Comprehensive)
Vehicle Purchase GuidanceXX
Comprehensive Risk ManagementXX
Intergenerational PlanningX
Philanthropy ConsultingX

Monthly Subscription Pricing  –  We charge an single, flat-fee, annual retainer fee; based on the complexity and volume of the work needed.  To make it easier on working families, we internally finance that fee into a payment plan. Because most households plan for expenses and budget on a monthly basis, annual retainer, fees are billed on a monthly subscription. This monthly subscription pricing model allows more households to be able to afford financial planning than either the traditional lump-sum or AUM (% of Assets Under Management) model.  We do not have and income, liquid assets, or net-worth requirements. Our minimum annual fee is $3000. 

Financial Foundations
Designed to help people who have never had a financial planner.  We help you get the critical components of your financial life under control.  We use online education, financial tools, and access to a financial professional to 
start making real headway toward the life you want to live.  Even if, you have had to totally ignore your finances, we can fix it together.  Life gets messy and complicated easily, and it comes at you fast.  No blame, No shame, just working towards a better future.  

Financial Independence 
Designed to help people in the Sandwich Generation take care of all the people you love.  Caring for children or parents is tough enough, both is a heavy responsibility.  It is easy to drop some balls when there are so many in the air… we take on some of that weight, work, and complexity. 
  As we implement the process of planning, you will get more awareness, insight, time, and peace. 

Financial Freedom 
Designed to help you navigate through retirement. We offer objective advice about how to handle competing goals like: long term care, 
college planning for grandchildren, and a sustainable retirement plan.  Integrated financial planning helps prioritize and balance these competing needs.  As we implement the process of planning, you will get more confidence, security and peace. 

Financial Keep and Stronghold
Designed to protect and provide for you: while allowing your culture, legacy, and any excess wealth to meaningfully impact the next generations. Intergenerational Planning.

Financial Fortress
VFO, MFO, Home Office style comprehensive planning.  By private invitation or referral only. 

Direct Investment Management is only offered for Engaged Financial Planning Clients. 
We are a Financial Planning firm, not AUM “asset hoarders.”
We are not day traders, “hot stock” pickers, or gamblers.


Black Swan Advisors is a “Fee-Only” advisor, and other than its advisory fee described above, neither the firm nor its employees receive or accept any direct or indirect compensation related to investments. We do not sell Investments or Insurance products, nor do we receive any other commissions. This means that Clients will not be guided toward products or services that create additional fees or compensation to benefit Black Swan Advisors or its employees or its affiliates other than those described in this Brochure and on the Site. We have no monetary stake in any recommendations.

The Comprehensive Financial Planning Process can take as little as 10 hours a year and as much as a 80 hours depending on the complexity of analysis and research required.  Black Swan Advisors’ fees are not charged in advance. 

We do not accept client payments of any fees in advance. We only offer a signed Formal Letter of Client Engagement after; the first meeting, giving the client the disclosure brochure, and a 3 day waiting period.

Black Swan Advisors reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to negotiate, reduce or waive the advisory fee for certain Client Accounts for any period of time determined by Black Swan Advisors.

Note: In Illinois, unless a client has received the firm’s disclosure brochure at least 48 hours prior to signing the investment advisory contract, the investment advisory contract may be terminated by the client within five (5) business days of signing the contract without incurring any advisory fees (Ill. Section 130.846).