College Funding is far more than just saving.

We love 529’s.  But life does not always work out the way we hoped.  Not everyone gets a chance to save enough for college. Only about 16% of parents do. So while saving is one of the great tactics, it is only a part of the overall strategy.  Whether you have been able to save more than you need or nothing at all – we can help you figure it all out.


• Empower families to make informed college choices.
• Save ON the cost, not just FOR the cost of college.
• Proactive rather than reactive 4 year college funding plan.
• Remove the emotion and make a rational college buying decision.
• Graduate on time with manageable student loan debt.
• Pay for college without robbing retirement.

We have trained with Joe Messinger, a leading authority in late-stage college funding, to guide families through the College Pre-Approval™ Process. 

    1st Meeting

    Are we the right fit? We just want to learn about what you want, and see if we can help. Normally, this conversation is a phone call, and takes between 30 and 45 min.

    2nd Meeting

    We help you get organized and see all of your options. In this meeting we will try to complete your 1 page college funding plan. It is the best college shopping guide.

    3rd Meeting

    We will go over the research I have done for you. We go over your complete college funding plan. I will make sure you understand the funding and spending strategies.

    4th Meeting

    In this meeting we will help you optimize any remaining planning strategies or tactics. While not always necessary, we want to plan for the time: to ensure we have turned over ever stone.

    Our Mission, is to…

    • End the student loan crisis one family at a time.
    • Raise the bar in college funding and advice.
    • Help as many families as we can.

    The Simple College Funding Timeline

    1: Prepare for the Cost of College

    Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Years.
    Take as many ACT and SAT Pre-test as you can to practice.


    September - November Senior Year Apply.


    October of Senior Year It is better to get the FAFSA done earlier in the month, as most financial aid is first-come, first-served.


    March – April of Senior Year


    and accept your Aid Award
    April of Senior Year


    May of Senior Year

    College Funding Plan Prices
    It is a project type plan, with a flat (one time) fee of $600, $900, or $1,200 (depending upon opening availability and your situations complexity).
    Using the College Pre-Approval™ process, we help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a comfortable retirement – at the same time.  

    This plan is designed for families in middle and high school.

    What you get:

    • 1 Page College Funding Plan (Executive Summary) to understand how to pay for all 4 years of college
    • Know your 4 year Net Cost, for up to 10 colleges
    • Understand your family’s optimum strategies for: financial aid, saving, investing, income, tax and spending. 

    What that Really means for you:

    • Sophisticated simplicity: turning a complex and stressful situation into something manageable
    • Know you are saving ON the cost of college
    • Optimizing this part of your life.  Saving time, money, energy, and stress; by letting us do the complex, boring, nerdy, and time consuming work for you. 

    Counselors and educators… please, use our free resources below. As always, let us know how we can help.