“We’ll help every member of your family, at every stage of their lives.” Daniel L. Bishop

Our family office services are by invitation only.

We only have so many first class seats, on this private charter.
This one stop shop is: broad spectrum, full continuum advice for; Very-High Net-Worth and Ultra-High Net-Worth Families.
Appropriate service levels for family net worth:
  • Platinum Concierge: Approx 50 to 100 Million in net worth
  • Gold Governance: Approx 25 to 50 Million in net worth
  • Silver Lifestyle and Legacy: Approx 10 to 25 Million in net worth
  • Black Label Oversight is available from 5 to 10 Million net worth 

VMFO (Virtual Multi Family Office) is the most efficient and effective way to bring together all the complimentary services, check and balances needed to give full coordination & control to a client family.
Instead of bringing everything in the house and charging unconscionable amounts of money, we have set up a pre-screened team of subject matter experts that are independent of each other. 


  • Total Wealth Management Oversight
  • Consolidated Monitoring and Transparency Reporting
  • Wealth, Tax, Life & Intergenerational Planning Services
  • International Currency & Tax Planning Services
  • Trustee and Corporate Oversight
  • Business Development / Investment Banking / Private Equity
  • Private Insurance Advisory Services
  • Administrative, Record keeping, Legal Compliance Services


  • Financial Life Planning
  • Family Governance
  • Control and Succession Planning
  • Charity & Philanthropy Planning
  • Legacy & Estate Planning Services
  • Budget, Debt, & Cash Flow Management Services


  • International Domicile Relocation Services
  • Real Estate Security Advice
  • Aircraft, Yachts, Art, Horses, etc.
  • Concierge services & Travel Planning
  • Personal security services
  • Major Purchases of Personal Property
  • Supplemental Health Care Services