Our Steps & How to Get Started With Us

The clearer your vision, the easier it is to see the next step.  We help you get clear on what you want, before we ever ask for money.

The Financial Life Roadmap Experience… our no pressure, no risk process to discover if we are the right fit for each other.

Financial Life Planning is an intangible, extremely valuable service. But it just so very different from anything you have experienced before. We find that clients can’t really understand what we do, until they experience some it. We want you to be educated and informed about every financial decision, that includes working with us.
So, we offer a unique, valuable experience; at our expense. For people who might be a good fit for us, there is no cost to you or obligation from you in the first  steps. We want you to know: what you need, if we can help you, and if we are a good fit – before you pay us any fees, dig through your records, or trust us with a single penny. 

Step 1 – A Simple, Short Conversation

I want to make sure that we are not wasting your time, or mine.

I can’t guarantee whether or not we would be of any interest or benefit to you. So this is just a cost of business to see if we are the right fit.

It doesn’t do any good to see a family doctor, if what you really need is a Surgeon, a Dermatologist, or a Dentist.

If we are just not a good fit for each other, we will try to introduce you to someone who is.

You do not need to do anything to prepare for this meeting.

Just find a time to have a 15 to 30 min conversation.

Step 2 – The Same Page Conversation

We usually meet virtually, but can sometimes make exceptions.

If a doctor made a prescription without an evaluation and diagnosis it would be called Malpractice.  In our profession it is called commissions and product sales.

I don’t sell any products, never have, and never will. 
What we will do is: get perfectly clear on your concerns, values, and situation. 
I need to deeply understand the right questions, before I can give you real, plain-English answers. 
I will apply my expertise as a CFP® Professional, Advanced Education Planner, and Comprehensive Legacy Planner to help you find the right next step for you.   

You do not need to “bring anything” except your spouse for this conversation.

Step 3 –  The “One Page Plan” Conversation

I will present your first Financial Life Roadmap. Think of it like an executive summary of your next steps to achieve your financial goals & ideal life. 
We will go over your concerns, explain everything clearly, and hopefully make you feel a lot better.  Then, you get to take your Financial Roadmap home.

At the end of this meeting; I will explain some of what I do for clients, who my ideal clients are, then tell you if I think you are right fit for me.
Then, I will ask you;  “Do you think what I do might be a fit for you, and your family?” 
I won’t accept your official answer then. There is no hard sell.
I will ask you to go home and take some time to think about it, before I get your official answer.

Step 4 – Sleep On It

I am in no rush, and don’t want you to be in one either.

We want you to think about whether we are a good fit for you. Here are some great questions to answer.

  • Do I like/trust this advisor?
  • Will the value provided exceed the cost?
  • Do I understand and agree with their investment philosophy?
  • Do their recommendations make sense?
  • Do they treat me with respect?
  • Do they really listen and understand me?

This is a great time to go interview other Certified Financial Planners, Private Fee-Only Wealth Mangers, and Advice-Only Financial Advisors.

Step 5 – A Simple 5 to 15 min Phone Call. 

About a week after you receive your Financial Roadmap, I will call during an appointed time. 

No pressure, just asking whether you (both) feel it makes sense to schedule a meeting to move forward. 

If we are just not a good fit for each other, we will try to introduce you to someone who is, or at least point you in the right direction.

I will wish you well, and we will part as friends. 
There will never be any pressured sales tactics. That’s not what I would want any of my family or friends to have to go through.

Step 6 – Mutual Commitment Meeting

Before this meeting, we will make a agenda together, to make sure I have answered all your questions and we are on the same page.

If you have made it this far, then I want to work with you.

If you are ready, and feel we are the right fit; then we will move forward into a planning or advisory relationship.

When we sign a mutual commitment, we become your private fiduciary.
We will help you coordinate all of your wealth, we will protect you and your family, and we will be your financial guide in this ever changing world.

Initial Planning: Integrated Fin Life Planning, financial organization, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management Oversight, and financial doing.

Step 7 – Congratulations you are now a client! 

Now we can be 100% Fiduciary, 100% of the time, for you and your family.  That means we are not just your financial advisor; we are your financial advocate, coordinator, and confidant. 

Now we will need all of your financial documents, at your earliest convince.  We will start by organizing and digitizing all of the threads of your financial life.

We will start creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan by working on the modules you need first.  Then, we will analyze your financial life for threats to your goals, safety, and security.  

Step 8 – “What If” Scenarios & Analysis

This is where we use technology to show you your possible futures.

My goal is to really understand and begin to answer all of your “heartburn questions”.

Questions like:
What concerns you the most?
When can you afford to retire?
Is your portfolio really optimized for taxes & risk factors?
What threats to your lifestyle can we reduce or eliminate?

Step 9 – Initial Financial Doing

Implementation & Initial Progress Calls

Knowing ≠ Doing.
Knowing what to do is rally the easy part, actually doing it is the hard part.  We help you with your financial doing.
We want you to be informed and feel fully in control of the process, and we also want you to achieve your goals.  That is why financial coaching is part of our ongoing process.

Best Results of taking action on your plan are:

  • Review Financial Doing Radar & Next Steps
  • Begin Implementing Comprehensive Lifetime
    Written Financial Plan
  • Regular Progress Updates
  • Measure Progress and Actions taken Since Implementation

Our 3 Annual Meeting schedule, about every 4 months. We value your time and want to take as little of it as necessary.  Our goal is to eventually get your financial life so coordinated and well optimized; that we are planning for your lifestyle instead of responding to life.  We want you to have a great sense of control over your money and life.  We want you to experience fulfillment, peace, prosperity, and be living your meaningful life. That is what you should be spending your precious time doing. 

That being said, we will need some of your time every year to help you get there.  We live in a changing landscape.  To guide you properly, we need to regularly update our maps, and make some course corrections.  This iterative process is how your financial life gets a lot more sophisticated, simple, controllable, and peaceful.

Step 10 – Peace & Safety Review

The 1st of 3 meetings, usually all happening each year.
This meeting is about your financial peace and safety.
Common results are:

  • Collaborate With Auto & Homeowner’s
    Insurance Agent To Review Coverage(s)
  • Collaborate With Other Insurance Agents
    And Professionals To Review Services Provided
  • Measure Portfolio Strategy vs Values & Goals
  • Analyze Legacy and Estate Planning 
  • Explore Financial Script Genogram
  • Financial Doing Radar & Next Steps

Step 11 – Progress & Order Outlook

The 2nd of 3 meetings, usually all happening each year.
This meeting is about measuring your Goal progress and Sense of Control.

Common results are:

  • Measure Current Portfolio vs. Values & Goals
  • Explore Money Scripts 
  • Review General Structure and Asset Strategy
  • Comprehensive Review & Update Of Estate Plan
  • Prepare for Lifestyle Planning Meeting
  • Review Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan
  • Financial Doing Radar & Next Steps

Step 12 – Financial Lifestyle Design

The 3rd of 3 meetings, usually all happening each year.
This meeting is about revisiting your Financial Life Plan. We will talk about your life, and what you want out of it.

Common results are:

  • Review Updated Financial Road-Map®
  • Explore Money Habits & Attitudes
  • Review Cash-flow & Debt Strategy
  • Measure Current Net Worth vs. Values & Goals
  • Review Total Wealth Strategy
  • Financial Doing Radar & Next Steps