Black Swan Advisor’s Advice Continuum

Integrated Financial Life Planning is focused around your Life first, only then do we start to plan your money:

  • Comprehensive: Covering all of the important areas of your financial life.
  • Collaborative: Working with you, our collaborative team, and your other professionals.
  • Coordinated: Making sure every area of your finances is working for you and aligned to your highest values.

Integrated Financial Life Planning is simply the fusion of three processes Comprehensive Financial Planning, Financial Life Coordination, and Life Planning. 

Life Planning is an integrated field which includes helping people with; Lifestyle Design, Career Development, Transitions, and Changing Life Patterns.  Comprehensive Financial Planning is the optimization of: Retirement, College, Tax, Estate, Risk,  Insurance, Cash-flow and Debt.

Financial Life Coordination is financial doing: coordination, oversight, guidance on the implementation of your financial plan. Of course we are Advice-Only; we believe it is the most objective way of getting paid for advice. 

If you were to hire all three Life Planner (Avg $150 an hour),  a Financial Planner (Avg $300 an hour), and a Financial Life Coordinator (Avg $200 an hour)… there would be a lot of work overlap.  Again, that means wasted time and money,  and answering a lot of the same questions over and over.  We integrate all three processes for a more efficient and effective process. 

This fusion of methods creates an agile, modular process of next steps.  The goal is to give all the advice and help you need to make big decisions, but only what you need, and only when you need it. That saves you money, time, and effort. The process puts your long term interests first, and focuses on increasing your sense of confidence in your future, and life satisfaction. We help you do more with what you have.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Roy E. Disney

The first step will focus on; who you are, what you value, what you want, where you are now, and where want to go.  Your life, your long term happiness, your values, and purpose are the center of all life planning. No one can even invest properly, unless they know the what and why. It is just about clarifying what matters most to you, then finding the next best step to get you there. So the start of the financial planning process is a Road  Map, which is the very cornerstone of a foundational plan. 

Integrated Financial Life Planning can include:

  • Proactive Tax Planning & Forecasting not Tax Preparation
  • Total Risk Management not Insurance Sales
  • Portfolio Positioning not Investment Products 
  • Guidance on all of your assets, not just stock and bonds
  • Estate Implementation not a “dusty Estate Plan on a shelf”
  • College Funding Planning not just College Savings
  • Student Loan Planning not just 529 payment advice
  • Intergenerational Planning not just Inheritance Planning
  • Legacy Planning not just Charitable Giving
  • Social Security Optimization not just Retirement Planning
  • Values Based and Cash Flow Based Planning not just Goals Based Planning
  • Medicare Timing Decisions 
  • Tax Efficient Liquidations
  • Home Equity Advice
  • Employer Benefits Planning 
  • Foundational Small Business Planning
  • Help you become aware of habits and attitudes that will either harm or help your financial health
  • Meaningful Life Planning on Purpose not just Life Coaching
  • Advice on specific decisions and implementations not just Financial Counseling or Financial Coaching
  • “What If?” Planning: estimate your long-term financial needs based on various health, employment and economic scenarios

We only work for you & your family.
We help you make smarter and wiser choices about your money, helping you get to your goals while honoring your values. We want to be partners in your journey towards living an even better life.

Our clients are smart, capable people, mostly successful parents who are busy & blessed.  They simply do not have the time to learn (and keep up on) everything they need to know about finances – and still focus on the people they love.  Some are single, some are married: most want to help their kids get through college, without massive debt.
We start with whatever you need most.  We put together the whole picture for you, and help you optimist your ideal financial life.  You are busy with your blessed life… let us do some of the work and worry for you.