Welcome to a place that finally understands that you are a individual and while investment and savings tips and tricks are nice, they are just not enough. We know that your financial life’s story is more about your personal values than nickels and dimes.  Working, daily spending, big purchases, are more stirring, to most of our clients, than saving and investing.  There are trade-offs, trade-ups, and times when you feel like there is no right choice … we can help you be satisfied with those tough decisions.   We know that when people hear “Financial… insert catchphrase here” they hear “dental exam”, “math class”, “therapy session”, or “oh, great an arrogant jerk that gets his way by making me feel guilty”… it does NOT have to be difficult.  It does NOT have to be confusing, pushy, pressured, stressful, or anxiety inducing.

We help you clarify your values and desires.  We fill out the questionnaires, forms, surveys, and organize the data for you.  We foster your Human Capital development, and thus ability to earn income.  We teach cash flow awareness,  not counting every penny.  Many clients want help managing their student loans and and creating a pay-down plan- and we are excited to minimize that stress and simplify the options.  One of the most valuable things we specialize in is Integrative Risk Management- we adjust the risk exposure of their portfolio and net-worth around the clients human capital exposure, thus protecting against many more risk than even traditional risk management.  This is more nuanced than just the standard Long Term Disability Insurance and Health Insurance recommendations.  It is about protecting your greatest asset, the ability to produce income for years to come.

Fee-Only means: that we only get paid directly by our clients.
Client-Centered means: that we strive for clarity, comfort, confidence- while focused on the clients Values.
Level-Fee means: that we get paid the same, regardless of what advice or recommendations we give.
Fiduciary means: that we have signed a legal Fiduciary Oath to always act in good faith and in the best interests of the client.

We are Fee-Only, Client-Centered, Level-Fee Fiduciaries of our client’s Best Interest.  These are some of the best methods we have found to reduce the conflicts of interest that are normally found in traditional Financial Adviser’s client relationships. We are always looking for the best practices to bring greater long term value to our clients.  We only suggest actions after careful consideration of all the information.  We know that Financial planning is a process, not a product.  It helps you get the most out of your life.  Clients are our priority; not brokerage firms or financial service companies.  Instead of pushing products, we only help you pursue your vision of your life.