Our most ideal client: a professional married couple, with a family business, who wants to build a meaningful legacy.

Our Ideal Clients have many roles.  Family, ownership, management, and your profession all demand different things
from you.

We specialize in advanced financial planning for professional families who own and mange family businesses.

Our advice approach is fully integrated; to help you with the technical, financial, emotional, and relational challenges that happen when families own & operate businesses. 

We help you both: align all our your goals, coordinate all of your finances, so that you as a couple can get the most out of life.

  • More “fully present” time with your family
  • More time for your passions & hobbies
  • Know you are leaving a fulfilling legacy
  • Decommoditize your business
  • Reducing cost & increasing value 
  • Get all of your finances sophisticated, and then simplified into one place

We coordinate and plan for the things you value the most: for your family, your business, your legacy, so that you have more time for for what really matters.

Our Ideal Clients…

  • Understand that there is a lot more to life than money
  • Are proactive and intentional
  • Understand that delegating is more time and money efficient
  • Want comprehensive, integrated advice
  • Understand that not everything can be controlled
  • Are committed to their vision
  • Understand the value of professional advice
  • Are looking for a long term partnership  

We help family business owners realize their dreams of not only succeeding in business but passing a legacy, protecting and maximizing family values and wealth, and achieving a fulfilled life in their third act.

We are a guide to help you through the ever changing market conditions, Government legislation, tax changes, credit risk, etc…  and all the threats that you don’t even know about yet

Here you can see how our 4 advanced financial & tax planning specialties integrate with different parts of your life.