A Flat-Fee project plan means that you can get real answers at a great price.  No pushing products, no selling of financial services, no asking for you to transfer your assets.  Just real, honest advice, for a fair price.  Our projects plans range from $600 for most clients, up to $1,200 (depending upon opening availability and your situations complexity). 
If the level of complexity is advanced, or the scope of the work is more than one topic, then we may recommend Integrated Financial Life Planning.

College Savings, 529’s, Able, & Private K-12 Planning

I can help you pick the right saving vehicle, plan, investments, amounts… and get you the peace of mind you need, about your child’s future. Together, we can make sense of it all, get a plan on track, and keep it there. It is usually best to start saving for college soon after your child is born, sooner is always better. Private K-12 Payment Optimization: I can also help you with tax advantaged savings plans for private elementary and high school tuition. Setting up Able accounts for people with disabilities, and rolling over 529’s into Able accounts.

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College Funding & Comprehensive College Planning

Whether you need help with College Funding and Pre-Approval™ Plan, or Comprehensive College Planning; I can help. I help you sort the all pieces of the puzzle, get your vision aligned, and help find your peace of mind. I would love to help you figure out how to pay for college. Even if we are not the best fit fit for more comprehensive planning. If we are a good fit, a Comprehensive College Funding Plan will help you save on the cost of college, not just save for it.

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Student Loan Repayment Plan

Exploring your Repayment, Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge Options. Debt is stressful, and it can derail your dreams. But you can make it so much better. Together, we can figure out a plan that is best for you. I have empowering strategies and tactics for repayment, refinancing, and check for the availability of forgiveness, cancellation, and discharge. Strategies that the people selling loan consolidations simply do not have. I work as a Fee-Only, Fiduciary, and only get paid to work for you.

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