Student & Parent Loan Repayment Plan:
Exploring your Repayment, Forgiveness, Cancellation, and Discharge Options.

We know money is tight right now, so we work with you to find your best options… so you can make the most out of your life.

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We help student loan borrowers like you… find the right repayment plan for your changing life.

A Student Loan Plan is used to determine your optimum strategies for repayment. We need to look at your student loans, before we can look at a financial plan for you to live your best life.  It Cost $600.00 and includes exploring: income driven repayment plans, standard repayment plans, extended repayment plans and private loan refinancing, tax strategies, public service loan forgiveness, consolidation considerations…  In short, we leave no stone upturned.
We will look at several “what if” scenarios, so that you can see the effects each projection should have on your financial life. What we are looking for is a 9.9 out of 10 certainty* that we are picking the optimum path for you. (There is always some uncertainty in the markets, in our careers, and in our personal life. We want to control what we can control, project what we can; but not forget that life can sometimes happen to us.)

Student Loan Plans start at $600.


Scary Numbers…

  • ​44 Million Borrowers
  •  Over $1.52 Trillion Debt Outstanding
  • Average Total Loan Balance: $30k
  •  51% of All Borrowers are NOT in Repayment 
  • Graduate Students Make Up 14% of College Enrollment, but Hold  40% of the Student Loan Debt Issued

I have trained with

Chairman & CEO of the CSLA Board of Standards

Since 2010, Jantz has been assisting student loan borrowers and financial advisors to understand the nuances of loan repayment. Over the years, he has consulted with thousands of independent advisory firms and individuals to help solve complex repayment situations. Through his experience and awareness of the growing challenges student loan borrowers face, the need to address the knowledge gaps in the financial advisory community became obvious.
Mr. Hoffman is a Registered Investment Advisor and has been assisting clients with student debt since 2010. He has appeared on PBS Nightly Business Report and been cited in the NY Times as well as other publications as an expert in student loan repayment. Mr. Hoffman was the managing partner of Delta Capital, a commodities trading advisor, and has worked for several hedge funds.

Mr. Hoffman received a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in business from Colorado State University.

I have also trained with

Director of Instruction, Board Member of the CSLA Board of Standards

Heather Jarvis is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert specializing in student loan law. She has provided award-winning student loan education and consultation for universities, associations and professional advisors and is sought after for her sophisticated knowledge and accessible teaching style.

Widely recognized as an expert source of information, Ms. Jarvis has advised congressional committee members and administrative officials on issues affecting student loan borrowers since 2005. She graduated cum laude from Duke University School of Law in Education and Public Policy from The University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University, respectively.

 Heather Jarvis is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert specializing in student loan law.