What does a CEPA do?

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor can help an owner….
 Understand the value of their business, both tangible and intangible
 Determine how ready and attractive their company is currently
 Identify the owner’s three gaps (value, wealth, profit)
 Identify the Range of Value of an owner’s company. What is it worth today and what is it potentially worth
 Understand their exit options and how they apply to their company and exit goals
 Better understand their personal vision and personal financial needs
 Align their business, personal and financial goals
 Create, deliver and maintain 90-day action plans helping an owner de-risk their business and grow value
 Bring the advisory team together, and the owner’s internal team together, to work towards common goals and better collaborate

CEPA’s very often work in groups and may be an Accountant, Attorney, Advisor, or other SME (Subject Matter Expert). 

The Core CEPA team is built around a Family Advisor, Wealth Advisor, and Value advisor. 

Then next most critical members is a great CFO or Accountant and a Business Attorney, and then a Commercial Banker. 

Eventually, you may need a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor, a Private Equity Group, an ESOP Advisor, or a Facilitator, Negotiator, or Counselor.

The important thing is that the team is built especially for the current needs of you, your business, and your family.