Who we can do our best work for:

Our clients are the heads of successful families, who are committed to pursuing Financial & Life well-being.  Our number of Ideal clients are capped at 50 per advisor.  That is 50, not the normal 250 – 500 of most financial advisors. That allows us to provide the high level of service that our families deserve.  It also allows us some time to practice Pro Bono and project planning, with people who would not normally be able to afford our services.  We work virtually with most of our clients.  Our clients value their time, privacy, and understand the value of independent, objective advice.  They prefer to work with a professional Financial Planner, instead of industry salespeople.  That is why we charge flat, transparent fees that reduce the common conflicts of interest.  Our ideal client service is simple: planning, coordination, oversight, and protection of a client’s entire financial life. 

Our ideal clients normally:
Call us when “life happens”, like career changes. Text us before they decide to buy a car.  Meet for coffee, tea, or wine… just to catch up.  Open up about all the things that are important to them – family, money, religion, politics, mental health… And, they let us help with family money disagreements. 

Our Family Office Services start at 10 Million and Family Governance normally starts at 25 Million.
Our Black Label Oversight Services is appropriate for Very High Net Worth families, can be switched to at 5 Million.
Our Total Wealth Planning Services are appropriate for High Net Worth families with 1 million and up.
Our Retirement PlanningComprehensive Financial Planning is appropriate for people with a net worth of 1/2 to 5 million.

We don’t just work with wealthy and affluent clients… we can work for your kids, your mother. We help couples, widows, and independent women get their finances on track for their next stage of life. We also find a lot of meaning when coaching and counseling young families and professionals; who often need our expert help with advanced education & student loan planning.  While these are more limited in scope and services, we love helping the people you love

(See below for approx yearly client caseload ratios.)

Whether you are suddenly single, or in the center of a generational sandwich…

we can help you financially plan for your whole family.

From cradle to grave, we will help you take care of all the ones you love. 

Who we also love helping the people you love:

College Bound Families

We optimize the total outcome for your family, you and your kids.

With Proactive, ongoing development of your families Comprehensive Retirement and College Funding Plan, making sure you are not sacrificing one dream for another.  This balanced approach is only possible with advanced training and planning software specifically for college funding. Most advisors and CPA’s simply do not know it exist, let alone have access to it. But that is not where our real value lies. Our real value is being you guide in this process. A financial advisor has to go through the college planning process about a dozen times before they understand how much they do not know. It’s complex, financial obscure, and it changes some every year. You need a guide that has been down these rapids many times.

How we can help Save ON the Cost of College:

  • Maximize aid with EFC reduction strategies
  • Advanced College selection:
    FAFSA vs CSS Profile vs IM, % of need met, Merit scholarship, Appeals
  • Smart college lending strategy
  • Tax & personal resource planning
    American Opportunity Tax Credit, Gifting assets, Cash flow maximization,  Income shifting, Tax Scholarship Tactics & collaborating with your CPA on how to implement them

Comprehensive, Integrative Retirement Planning:

  • Coordination & Oversight for your whole financial life
  • Lifestyle, Cash Flow, and Tax Planning
  • Health care cost projections
  • Social Security Benefit Optimization

Small Business Families

We help founders, partners, proprietors, or CXOs get more time for focusing on their family, and for what they do best.

Business owners often face difficult challenges. With most of their wealth tied up in their business, they usually can’t get good advice from most financial advisors who get paid by AUM. They need an advisor who is asset agnostic, which means Advice-Only, or at the very least Flat-Fee Only.

Running a business is like having a baby. Your “baby” can consume all of your time, energy, and $. It wants your attention, all the time. That can leave you in a catch-22; where you feel guilty at home because you are not working on your business, and feel guilty at work for not spending more time with your family.  Even though you are doing all of this for the right reason, and the right people, it can really put a strain on you. 

 We give you more control over your total finances, more time with your family, and more energy to pursue the things you love.

What we can help you with:

  • Strategic Planning & Researching Financial Tactics
  • Exit Strategy, Liquidity Events, Continuity & Contingency Planning
  • Tax reduction planning in coordination with your CPA
  • Family Security, Intergenerational Planning
  • Leveraging, Scaling, and Life Harmony Advice

Independent Women

For independent women, widows, and divorcees who appreciate a holistic approach to life decisions. If you are a man who happens to like a holistic approach, we will not turn you away because of gender.

Whether you are suddenly single, or a lifelong independent traveler, we respect your life decisions. You are the pilot, we act more like a navigator or a transition guide for when life changes. We help you by bouncing around those big ideas, and by processing change, grief, or transitions… before we talk about what you want to do with your money. We need your intuition and values to co-create a step by step map for your future, and to keep it updated. 
In this process, you’ll gain more control, clarity and confidence in your financial life. 

What we can help you with:

  • Helping your Family, Charity, Legacy
  • Selling or buying a home or business
  • College Planning & the Empty Nest
  • Single Parenthood, Expecting, Adoption, Special Needs Planning
  • Death, Divorce, Separation or Marriage
  • Retirement, Aging in Place, Health Concerns
  • Windfalls, inherited wealth & the emotions that come with it

Young Professionals

For professionals, young couples, and those dealing with student loan debt.

We want you to both live today, and plan for your future. It can be done. The sooner you have awareness of where you are now, the sooner you can enjoy the path to where you want to go. Don’t worry, we help you figure out your dreams, goals, milestones in a low stress way. We help you create an agile path to follow by educated guessing and getting it more right over time. The right plan for you is probably not what your parents on neighbors have done.

What we can help you with:

  • Student Loan Debt Strategies & & collaborating with your CPA on how to implement tactics
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Cash-flow Planning for Vacations & Retirement
  • Renting vs Saving For/Buying a Home
  • Marriage and Paying for Wedding/ Honeymoon
  • Parenthood
  • Financial IndependenceRetire Early (FIRE) & Alternative Retirement Strategies