My deepest expertise is Cradle to Career College Advice Integrated with Comprehensive Financial Planning.

I am a professional Financial Planner, who offers Partnership.
It is the only thing I do, the only thing I sell.
That Partnership includes Financial Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting...
but perhaps more importantly, it includes; friendly collaboration, compassion, and clarity.
I am not like most "advisors"...
I do not sell products.
I do not just "gather assets".
I do not have a minimum for AUM.
I will not throw advice at you.
I will not talk down to you.

People come first.
Then my profession, purpose, philosophy, and planning process.
Only then, do I help you find the right products... IF you even need them.

I will work with you to get into that calm, clear, and focused place.
So that, you can have the time and energy to live your busy & blessed life... in the best way possible.